Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hey guys,

This isn't part of our class, but I was given the suggestion to put it up on this blog (seeing it's a concept piece) to get some good constructive critique. Have fun :)


  1. Love it! Love the feel and everything. I would just add shadows because the characters dont feel grounded. It feels like they are floating. But other than that... great job!

  2. Great style!! Your rendering is really well done- and nice lighting!
    I feel like your subjects could benefit from being larger in the frame.. If you could, play with the composition; I feel like since it's an action scene, you could tilt the "camera" so there's no horizontal lines in the background.
    Also, I feel like the gray ground could use a bit of texturing and shading in the foreground area to match the rest of the image. You can still use that foggy effect in the receding areas. :)