Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Alright! Now that I'm finally in, here are some of my favorite links! To get to the information before I can, follow and you'll see so many good Illustrators your head just might explode! <-- She doesn't update often, but it's gorgeous. Claire Keane <--Glen Keane's blog!  <---Not sure how he gets all these images, but they're AMAZING. Prepare to be lost for a good few hours. Here is his sister site ----> <----You'll certainly be amazed, I'm happy to have stumbled upon this.   <---Another Tumblr that you'll just get lost in. Once you start you just can't stop. Arthur Rackham illustrations. Pretty amazing. I cannot wait for this film to be released in Canada so I can buy the DVD!  Here is the trailer for Un Monstre in Paris

If you don't know this guy, you're missing out. Idrawgirls is one amazing guy. He has a youtube channel too.

WHAT TIME IS IT?! ADVENTURE TIME! Fred's blog   <----I haven't gone though this one very much, but it does have some good information on it.   <---SUPER CUTE. Very Japanese inspired with lighthearted color schemes.

I have lots more, but I'll post it at another time! Enjoy!


  1. Hey Lauryn... I thought I knew where all the good blogs were!! I was wrong... Thanks for the great links!!

  2. I'm glad someone enjoyed them! I have tons more too! I'll hopefully find a half hour to so in the weekend to post them!